Effective Prayer

Effective Prayer Summary

How is your prayer life? In this booklet, Spurgeon treats the subject of ordering our cause before God, filling our mouths with arguments, and praise and thanksgiving. Spurgeon claimed that the secret to his success was the prayers of his people. We need more men and women of prayer in our day!

Adapted for today's reader with punctuation, minor word order changes, headings, and substitution of modern pronouns for thee, thou, thy, and thine.

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.5 star

Spurgeon was a gifted teacher of Scriptures. This is one which I will need to read again and again to fully grasp his message.55

5/5 Preacher

Grateful for Prayer5 star

This book was very exciting. I usually do not read books quickly. It is something about prayer that really gets to me. I love to pray for others. A key component I took from this is making sure that my prayer is focused on God’s Will and not my own. Very powerful and will read again soon.55


Effective Prayer5 star

Really helpful!55


Useful5 star

Definitely a book for many re-reads for a Christian55

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