The Idiot

The Idiot Summary

Prince Myshkin returns to Russia from an asylum in Switzerland. As he becomes embroiled in the frantic amatory and financial intrigues which centre around a cast of brilliantly realised characters and which ultimately lead to tragedy, he emerges as a unique combination of the Christian ideal of perfection and Dostoevsky's own views, afflictions and manners.

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Edit4 star

Needs another edit. But it got 4 stars because it’s a good book45

william the ruski

The idiot5 star

3rd time reading it. Doestoevsky has inhabited my soul for many years and makes me see life very deeply.55


Gloomy3 star

The diction is beautiful, the characters developed and narrative original. However the vast tangents F.D. takes (characteristically) combined with the decidedly doomed tone foreshadows a depressing and even anticlimactic ending. Language and intricacy aside, I could not recommend this to anyone unless they desire to feel pity.35


The Idiot reviewed4 star

Wow!! What a long book!! Longest I've read to date. The writings for me, I admit, were sometimes hard to understand in some places, however I really enjoyed the book. There was a lot of information, and people who were interesting. I did not expect the ending. I would recommend this book to anyone who can think while reading, and has the knowledge to comprehend and keep up with the story. I would read again.45


A tragic tale3 star

Waste. So much promise fretted away, the author stands at the abyss and describes a tale that leaves the reader asking why.35


The Idiot4 star

Two cunning women terrorize a virtue signaling hapless prince.45

Molly Mormom

The Idiot2 star


Azucar de Caña

Great book4 star

Loved this book, it changed my mind about Dostoyevsky whom I considered a bit too heavy. This is easy to read and keeps you interested the whole time. Left me thinking a lot about human nature and accountability. The edition/translation itself is not great, misspellings and grammatical errors are found. But it doesn't take from the story.45


Absolute nonsense1 star

As a lover and appreciator of the classics, I had always meant to read some Dostoyevsy. My mother had a copy of this and recommended it to me. In short, dear friends, if you're lucky enough to read this before wasting months dragging yourselves through it, just don't do it. To sum it up without giving anything of the plot away, it is just much ado about nothing. No meaningful points or lessons - just much ado about nothing. Can't believe I wasted so much time ill never get back. Ugh!15


The Idiot5 star

Of course it is a great book, as are all written by famous 19th century Russian novelists. Just obscure and rambling enough to rate as literature rather than pulp fiction, but with an equally lurid and engaging story line. Several themes are propounded upon in convenient soliloquies: Life, Death, Religion, Politics, etc. These are interesting for their reflection of the place and time, Russia in the 19th century. So foreign to a modern American mindset! This particular e-edition contains about 50 errors and is tricky to decipher where these occur.55

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