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If you’ve only ever seen Wuthering Heights on screen, you may have an image of Catherine and Heathcliff as the ultimate star-crossed lovers. But that’s just scratching the surface of this iconic Gothic romance. Emily Brontë’s only novel is an unabashedly dark tale of passion and revenge that created shockwaves upon its publication in 1847.

Without spoiling too much, the original Heathcliff is breathtakingly vengeful, cruel, and possessive, not the deeply misunderstood romantic hero of some adaptations. And Brontë’s story does not end happily ever after. After tragedy strikes, Heathcliff haunts the swirling mists of the Yorkshire moors, consumed with possessing a ghost. A must-read for fans of Gothic literature, this novel will appeal to anyone who loves a creepy story.

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Quite a tale…5 star

Bronte paints a picture of her characters so well that you feel invested in each of their outcomes. Hard to stop reading.55

TX WonderWoman

For Real4 star

Strange. Like a Jerry Springer episode45


Astonishing5 star

A great start to my binge reading of the classics.55

Moses Belle


Great story. Heath cliff was a very abusive man. He hurt others and liked being evil. I enjoyed the story and the characters. I highly recommend. LADY PEPPER ROSE SEPTEMBER 2021 FREEPORT NEW YORK55


Better to read than to watch4 star

Much better than the movie.45


A must4 star

It's a horrendous perfectly written story that's a literary must. Bronte is genius .45


Wasted time2 star

Sucked! Too many words, depressing and ending lame. Does tell you how not to be and makes you greatfull for your own life and happiness.25

LUCKY 4508

Wuthering Heights3 star

A book I had head of and wanted to read , or thought I wanted to read. I gave it three stars , could have been five but it just couldn’t get there A story of cruelty and expectance Hard for me to absorb, coming from a different area And region Excepting dominance I guess it hits to close to the sheep of this area.35

........OH MY GOD.......

Intense and Rich5 star

I read this for my AP Lit class, and at first I wasn’t excited to read it but that soon changed. The book has so many complicated characters and themes that it makes it worth the slow start. The relationships between the characters are certainly frustrating and intriguing. I absolutely loved the story and highly recommend it.55

kindra rea

So long and boring, sorry2 star

I know this is a classic and that’s exactly why I wanted to read it, but cmon. It was tough to get through. Took me all summer and a lot of extra motivation to want to finish this. It gets better at the end, but literally just reading a short synopsis would have been ok for me.25

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