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Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do.

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mainuddin hasan

My iPhone 7is support5 star

My Apple device is supported by the update version55


Good5 star



iTunes is not doing purchases rn so it will not update the book iOS 14.31 star

It’s not updating to new 14.3 user guide . Yet the update is already on my phone so I really need to know what u guys die in this new update15


Can’t Update To The 14.3 Version1 star

For some reason, I’m unable to update to the latest version which is 14.3 right now. However, I still have access to the previous version’s. Apple, please fix this issue 🙏🏾.15


Somewhat helpful4 star

Not really what I was looking for45

Wondering what genius set this

Customer1 star

I have spent 10 minutes trying to open this on my Mac only be to be told that I do not have a newer enough version to open this document. I do have a new phone which apparently I can can't get the user guide for15


iPhone User Guide5 star

Very helpful.55


AT&TsAntics1 star

I can’t actually hold my phone and get to actual page between 4 & 1100+ and get and remember what to do once the book goes away and I try to fix myself! I thought I paid for a BOOK!! Not a looky-loo built and paid for installed into my own phone!! Did AT&T forget to build in a little $$$ to throw a manual in with ALL the NEW phones they’re selling for WHAT ?? $1000+ $999 +financing!! COME ON AT&T - Everyone’s NOT AN IDIOT!! AT&T is losing CUSTOMERS faith IN THEM everywhere & all product lines; with U-verse; Direct TV; cellular service; internet service; cellular phone products sold with them. Customer Service is Laughable. Your entire “EMPIRE “ is crumbling into an unreliable company. there I said it; and I have the documentation to back up my allegations!!! We all just want the manual we paid for that was installed on our phones and are basically unusable. Manuals should have been provided with our HIGH-DOLLAR PHONES IN THE BOXES. We didn’t complain about buying cases, charges, monthly insurance. You basically have us trained like seals!!! But this crappy manual I put Hal, I WANT!! And NOW!!15


YMbigdick5 star

Its a good source whenever you get it to me55


Title4 star

The first time in the world45

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