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Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do.

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Wrong page1 star

I’m getting the wrong page for every item. When I click on how to learn a Particular item it’s giving me the picture of that but The paragraph is talking about a different item15

leroy conteras

Informative5 star

If only every device came with an extremely informative user manual. Thank you!55

Post grad degreed scientist

No help to add sites to home screen2 star

Loved my old Android because it’s much easier and efficient and user friendly. This is not nearly as user friendly or efficient. This won’t allow adding a site to home page, very clumsy and difficult to close open apps, no home screen button, Tips app is very limited, etc. No useful help beyond the “book” that talks about stuff unrelated to learning to use the phone Apple should monitor Android users trying an iPhone to see what’s important to users and overhaul iPhone’s shortcomings. Had this for three months now and still regretting trying it.25


Misaligned Phots and Captions2 star

I am viewing on an iPad in landscape mode and in the first section showing feature of iOS 14, the descriptions do not match the photos making for a pretty terrible reading experience.25

gff c

T5 star



This book tells me a lot about iOS 145 star

Wow very cool!55


Good5 star

Create your new business and your55

mr.big lip

Book5 star

It was a lot of fun and easy to use55

Proteus 846

Great Guide to iPhone on iOS 145 star

Seeing as this product is a user guide for iPhones running iOS 14, my review is obviously also about this. Not feedback on my device itself, although plenty of other reviews seem to think this is the place for that. People are weird. Anyway… This should be in every iPhone user’s arsenal of tools. The vast majority of users will never need it, but it’s a handy resource to quickly find reliable information (without heading to third parties online that are often more complicated to follow and sometimes blatantly incorrect) without clutter or confusion. If you’re a new iPhone owner, I doubly recommend this guide. Again, most of you won’t NEED this — welcome to iPhone, it’s simple but powerful. Nevertheless, this guide can quickly get you acclimated to how your new phone works.55

phoeniz Arizona

iPhone 115 star

The touchscreen on the 11 is extremely sensitive and is very expensive to replace the quality of the screen is amazing and in dark mode the battery power is tremendously stronger.55

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