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This engrossing and moving novel, with its diversity of memorable characters, offers many insights into political, religious and social tensions.

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Favorite adventure, historical novel.5 star

Great read. Have enjoyed many times since I was young.55


Kim5 star

Terrific book , reminded me of Herman Hesse's work. A journey revealing an India rich in diversity and beyond the ken of but a few Westerners.55


Kipling's masterful evocation of life in India under the Raj5 star

The man who wrote "The White Man's Burden" was the most enlightened of racists. His picture of the variety and energy of Indian native life under the Raj may be as much of a fantasy as "Gone With the Wind" as far as accurately reflecting the hardships and injustices of the society it portrays, but just like " Gone With the Wind", this is one hell of a good story. The descriptions of Indian life surging along the Great Trunk Road, mixing and clashing on the Railroad, feinting and adventuring in the high mountains - they are just wonderful. If all you know of Kipling is the Disney version of "The Jungle Book", start here, and you won"t be disappointed. A great book for anyone 10 or older who has ever had an itchy foot.55


Defective1 star

Kim is a great book. But this electronic version skips an entire important section - over 8 pages of my paperback copy of the book. This is totally unacceptable!15


Yes, a section is missing5 star

As others mention, it's the disguising of E23, which is one of the real gems in a brilliant book. I've stopped reading and am off to find another edition.55


Kim, by Rudyard Kipling4 star

This e_book is defective: a section between chapters 11 and 12 has been omitted. In it, Kim healed and concealed E23, another secret agent. The present Chapter 12 begins with E23 healed. Something needs to be done to repair this defect.45


Kim5 star

The book is superb, a wonderful adventure story that I have loved since childhood but the missing chapter makes this an edition to avoid. Project Gutenberg has a complete copy in various formats55


Section missing in this edition2 star

This is a great book, but the iTunes version has a section missing between chapters 11 and 12. The whole scene of disguising E.23 is omitted!25

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