Everyone Can Create Video

Everyone Can Create Video Summary

Everyone Can Create is for everyone — both beginners and experienced artists alike. The activities and projects encourage you to express yourself, develop your creative confidence, and reveal undiscovered abilities.  

Each chapter of Everyone Can Create Video takes you through a series of fun activities to help you acquire key skills and build a final project. Here’s what you’ll learn how to make in this guide:

• Your own introduction
• A silent movie
• A movie pitch
• A teaching show
• A documentary
• A video of a live event
• A special effects sequence
• A short film

Book Reviews

bottles bad

Learning is a wonderful gift.Thank you4 star

Great book and learning guide. Five stars I wish there were more resources available to get the info that’s needed with teachers guides so that all children can get the gift of education everyday.45


Like it!5 star

I didn’t get this, but, I learned stuff from it and now I have some of that kinda stuff!55


Hey1 star

I just don’t like it15


Meme review5 star

I'm stupid55


I love books 🤞🏻1 star

Mateo and tortillas is the Best 😉15


I Hate Reading5 star

My dad hates me...55


Awesome5 star

Fantastic resource!55

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