The Brown Book of Design Thinking

The Brown Book of Design Thinking Summary

This book is based on the Design Thinking 101 course offered at UAE University. The aim of the course is to gain creative self-confidence while learning from innovative business cases. It contains seven workshops, five video, audio interviews and commentaries and case studies that include: Ideo, Toyota, Nissan, Zappos, Stanford’s and Zara.

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Zara5 star

I liked the zara chapter. It explains how fashion world works from operations perspective. :)55


An INSPIRING and ELOQUENT guide!5 star

This book is the essential toolkit for any creative professional, and offers immensely valuable insight to those embarking on a design career path. But more importantly, it speaks across industries, bridging the gap between multiple disciplines with a concise methodology on how to optimize results in an efficient and delightful manner. This wealth of knowledge will surprise and empower you to achieve your spectacular potential. I love this book!55


Pretty interesting!4 star

I've gone through the book and what I really liked about it is the interactivity of the reader and that he/she can't actually remove his/her eye from it. The fact that this book includes the most recent activities of the same workshops it talks about makes it more believable than other books. The author added some personal experiences and some real pictures of him and the class he taught which makes the reader more involved. This is one of the very rare books where you can learn from it by doing, and not just reading. The illustrations,graphs, and videos help in keeping the reader focused and gives the idea in shorter and more pleasant way. Other than some technical issues with some videos it contains, this book is great for getting much information in a fun way. Noticed one or two mistakes in grammar too. Over all, very interesting book!45


Uaeu5 star

congratulations .. It is really amazing .. You did a good job .. It's really a creative and easy and funny to use .. I liked the command in the pics thanks so much55


Awesome5 star

I Love This Book <3 even though many so called design thinkers preach visualisation they keep writing long books using words. At least this author used a visual style.55

N3oom 

Awesome !!5 star

This book is great, introduce design thinking in a fun, interesting way .. Love it55

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