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It's the worst part of anyone's day...or rather, their night. It's that terrible time when you're tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep and unable to turn off your mind. You're probably experiencing any myriad of feelings and just wish someone else was awake, was there, and was able to understand you. 2 AM dives into the world of the unspoken, difficult, and often gut-wrenching feelings we all experience in the middle of the night. There might not always be someone else on the other side of the bed, but that doesn't mean you're alone.

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Interesting4 star

The best stories are at the end, my favorite being #15. The first ones were simply okay, one of them was just desperate and creepy.45


Loved it5 star

Amazing to read. I connected with the majority of the stories written.55


A great collection5 star

Each poem had a meaning & while they all correlated, they were each so unique & inviting. Loved this55


Great tips4 star

I have lots of trouble sleeping, and usually don’t fall asleep till 3:00 in the morning. I’ve been using these tips and they work really well. I would definitely recommend this if you have trouble going to sleep.45


A compelling book5 star

This will definitely be a favourite book which is filled with heart-touching stories for all the people who have been there. Isn’t it incredible that we all read the same piece but think about our different stories and share the same feelings ? Plus, thanks a bunch for making this book free !!!!55


Five stars5 star

Maybe one of my favorite books ever. I was consumed and even cried55


Just WOW5 star

I don’t have the words to describe how amazing this book is! I connected with every single page. Thank you for this55

Big Dawg From The Five

Expand your mind with these nice short reads.4 star

This will let readers experience a lot of positivity. It just so happens I was reading in the middle of the night for similar reasons to the core of the book and I feel like this book could make moods better.45


What a wonderful read for someone feel good confused in certain aspects I their life .5 star

I highly refined this read to everyone !!! It’s the kind of book you need to read just a To say you read it and a lot will come from this I believe !55

Prof. writer

More about love than anything3 star

This was probably my bad for assuming there would be a variety of work in this book, but most of the pieces were about love and exes and the like. Not quite relatable for me so I skipped several chapters, but still good writing as always from Thought Catalog.35

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