Catacombs Summary

Mysterious necromancers. Wicked summoners. Fierce witches. Occasional familiars. Military experiments. Secret councils. Forbidden alliances. The Academy of Ancients will suck you in.

Briar Shroud has gone from foster child to full scholarship at the Academy of Ancients. Cool, right?

Not quite. Her upperclassman mentor Zachary sucks. He's hot, but he sucks at being a mentor. And a friend. And a person.

Her roommate's a paranormal, and the whole school is underground and a secret.
Know what else is bad? Briar learns she's a witch. And a rare type of witch, to boot.

It went from bad to worse—a picture of a sister she's never heard of appears at the school. A sister she knows nothing about.

And the rules seem hellbent on keeping Briar from learning the truth. And sometimes, it seems other forces would rather not see her alive.

Warning: This series will hook you! Violence can be found in this series of action-packed fantasy, with necromancers, summoners, and badass witches.

Book Reviews


I truly enjoyed the story4 star

It is well written and a good story. The story is very intriguing. I gave four stars due to it being about teens.45


Waited for it to get better…3 star

There was so much promise to this story so I forced my way through only to reach a point where it sounded like it might be getting exciting instead of them drawing out the same things over and over then they ended it. Not sure I want to waste money on the next book only to have then draw out a few story plots with more repetitive information that ends with no resolutions. If I wanted to feel hopeless I would not be trying to escape life’s miseries by reading a book to begin with…35

i luv reading

Catacombs4 star

Exciting cliffhanger. In-depth understanding of the protagonists. Wild twists and turns in the plot.45


Cliffhanger1 star

I detest books that end on a cliff hanger. Up until that point, I would have purchased a sequel, but since this story doesn’t stand on its own, I won’t bother.15


Magical Entertainment4 star

Very entertaining and kept my interest to the end. Enjoy!45

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