Demons and Dragons

Demons and Dragons Summary

Mysterious dragons. Hot demons. Fierce witches. Powerful shifters. Enigmatic elves. Secret councils. Forbidden alliances. The Dragon Reign Saga is just starting.


Kate's whole world just turned upside down. She's hearing weird things, and seeing weird things. And Mama Lucy is a witch. No, really. Not like a capital B witch, but a capital W witch. And the guys Kate's just saved from imminent death is part demon. And the guy that's after her is a dragon.

Her life redefines teen drama.

Craig's a bastard son of a demon king. And he's a thief. He's just found the item he's supposed to appropriate when his cousin stabs him with a poisoned dagger.

Forrest is out to collect the bounty for capturing the bastard son of a demon king. He doesn't plan to save the girl, or the half-breed demon. He also doesn't plan to be the one who needs saving.

This unlikely trio find themselves chased by enemies, known and unknown as they slip into a different dimension called Burnt World.


Kate wants answers. She wants to know about the family she's never known. She and Craig are convinced they have to return to the cursed lands to find the answers.

She finds herself with more questions that she thought she'd have as she's torn between half-demon Craig and son of the dragon shifter clan Forrest.

Craig's got feelings for Kate, but he also has secrets of his own. He didn't count on her seeing his secrets in the flesh.

Forrest's torn between his own feelings for Kate and his allegiance to the clan.

Kate—she's just torn.


Kate now knows what she is. She knows what she has to do. But she's stuck between a Forrest, a dragon shifter prince and Craig, a half-demon bastard. And they've got a mystery to solve and a world to save.

The problem is: emotions. There are too many of them and they are conflicting!

Join Kate, Craig, and Forrest on their journey of adventures.


Dragon shifter Kate has some tough decisions to make, and so does her heart. She and her dragon are torn between Forrest, a dragon shifter prince and Craig, a half-demon bastard.

And they're constantly avoiding enemies and fighting rogue family members. To think, not so long ago, Kate's biggest concern was homework.

Join Kate, Craig, and Forrest on their journey of adventures.


Dragon shifter Kate and her allies, a demon and another dragon shifter are torn between the past and the present, their lives and the former lives of those who battled mortal enemies before them.

Continually battling enemies and fighting rogue family members, they find themselves in a battle for more than just their lives. They fight for their own kind as well as humankind. 

Join Kate, Craig, and Forrest on their journey of adventures.

Beware: Cliffhangers, violence can be found in this serial series of swicked action-packed fantasy, hot dragons, and fierce witches.

Book Reviews


Good story, awful typos3 star

It’s a good story, but there are sooo many typos. Aside from the typos, I like these books. They are intriguing, heart wrenching, and thankfully have a happy ending.35


Dragons, witches, demons, shifters…oh my5 star

Great read. Can’t wait to read the next book and continue the adventure.55

Sebrina Isabella Thompson

Robert Thompson.5 star

Great book! Kelp me reading all the way through. Loved every moment and kelp me in suspense throughout. I felt as if I were in the realms myself.55

i luv reading

Dragons and Dragons4 star

Snapshots of current and past times. Nonstop adventure. Danger time and time again. Loyalty, lies, false images, whew!45


Excellent saga…5 star

Keeps you looking for more55


Great story5 star

Great story but lots of typos and grammatical errors. The story flows well and keeps you wanting more55

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