Learn Spanish - Word Power 101

Learn Spanish - Word Power 101 Summary

Want to learn Spanish with easy lessons? You need our 12-chapter Learn Spanish – Word Power 101 e-book. This is great for Beginners as a first step to learning Spanish. You’ll start reading, speaking and understanding Spanish. How? Keep reading.

- Learn with 12 Chapters of Easy Spanish Lessons
- Includes Bonus Access to the SpanishPod101 Learning Program
- Includes Bonus Access to our Spanish Learning App: Innovative Language 101

You learn the top 101 most-used Spanish words and phrases that every Beginner must know. Each chapter covers easy categories like “Basic Expressions” “Questions” “Adjectives” and “Numbers.” You learn the word or phrase first. Then you learn how to use it in a sentence and gain a better understanding. You also master pronunciation with native audio examples.

With Learn Spanish – Word Power 101, you get:

- 101 most-used Spanish Words and Phrases
- Over 160 Pages of Lessons
- Native Spanish Audio Examples for Every Entry
- Useful Example Sentences and Phrases
- Vibrant Images to Help with Memorization

Download Learn Spanish – Word Power 101 right now and start learning Spanish the easy way. You will learn 101 of the Spanish words and phrases that every beginner must know.

Book Reviews

Verified Stunna

Understanding5 star

Easy and Efficient55


The new update is great!5 star

The new update of this book is great! Really useful to help me review the Spanish I learned in Highschool and have forgotten.55


Beautiful5 star

Beautiful & clear.55


Review1 star

I started this book with great antipation, but my hopes were quickly dashed. The intro said I would be listening to the Spanish pronunciation of the words in the book. I started the sound only to find that the only words read were one every three pages and they were read at such a pace that I could not turn the pages quick enough. I thought there might be a list, but alas no list existed.15


Hmm3 star

Wish you could keep up with the audio! 418 pages takes about 7 or 8 minutes and you have to flip every page! Other then that it's a good base of Spanish35


Answering your question...4 star

Yes, Spanish in Spain is different. The main way being that in Spain people use the vosotros form of verbs in place of ustedes. But then again, Spanish has different dialects all over, just like English does. One example is this: I have a friend who live is the Caribbean who speaks Spanish, and another in Chile. The one in the Caribbean uses "guagua" as baby. But in Chile, "guagua" means bus. Big difference ha45


Love but a question4 star

Is Spain Spanish different from Latin America Spanish like mexico45


Great by cool1235 star

I spoke Spanish when I was 3 up in till kindergarden. Then I forgot how. I tried this and it was awesome. I almost can speak Spanish without thinking now.55

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