50 Minecraft Tips, Trick and Glitches

50 Minecraft Tips, Trick and Glitches Summary

A small, but helpful book that will help you while playing Minecraft!


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im da best cool cat

Great!!! Knew most of them allready3 star

I didn’t really understand the one about render distance and e pearls, but still very helpful! Sort of........35

Natini is here

Great Tips!5 star

Dude I love Minecraft so much! If you play on any console you can duplicate Ores. With pickblock. If your wondering how to use the pickblock duplication glitch search up pickblock duplication glitch on YouTube.55


good but...4 star

pls sub to HRPC Gaming on youtube, not my youtube channel but he really needs your support. thanks 😊45

me du gud gramer

It5 star

Was pretty good except some parts are patched from the new updates55

uhhhhh i dont have a name

Alright it’s good but...3 star

There are a few typos in here like biome they said biom not “biome” but it’s good there are a TON I already know, but after all it’s uh OK So 3 star for me. (Ps don’t use rails or power rails for transporting in a mine use ice instead make it 3 blocks wide, on one the edges put fences or glass, on the edge not blocks. When you need transportation to the end you put a boat down and you go inside it and just move you will move pretty fast. If don’t agree with me on this tip and want something faster then I don’t know any thing more about moving faster than that, after all it’s like approximately faster than creative mode.35

Dray the awesome

𝕰𝖕𝖎𝖈5 star

I learnend good 𝖙𝖎𝖕𝖘55

my name is no longer existing

Creeper awwwww man5 star

Creeper awww man So we back in the mine got our pickaxe swinging from side to side side side to side so This tasks a grueling one hope to find some diamonds tonight diamonds to night Heads up here a sound turn around and look up you hear a sound total shock fills your body Oh no its you again baby tonight the creepers tryin to steal our stuff again stuff again I forgot the lyrics But great book55


Good but could be better3 star

I got this book because I had trouble playing Minecraft. And I expected a lot more from this, but it just didn’t happen. After I read it the first time, I’ve never read it again sense. -Christopher Burks35


Amazing 😃4 star

I’m a Minecraft pro and I already knew most of these stuff, but a lot of the tips were really useful. This book is amazing! 😃45

MAT co.

Very helpful4 star

New some of the tips already.45

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