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This book presents more advanced chess principles, and it's a little hefty for a beginner (or a 7 year old, as I was the first time I borrowed my Dad's chess books), but for a more experienced player looking to improve their game, it's a pretty good resource.

Book Reviews

J-H B0ss

Translation bad2 star

I really don’t like writing bad reviews on anything but this translation into English is bad I don’t think the translator should have attempted this. I did not get past the preface before coming across major translation issues. This book has potential but needs a team of professional translators to truly convey the intended message.25


Bad, I can’t see the graph1 star

I can’t see the board,15


My chess game has improved!!!5 star

Thumbs up55

Joey G. 33

Not satisfied. One star1 star

I am not a beginner but not such a good player. I found it too difficult to follow your diagrams of the chess moves and consequently closed the book.15


Unhelpful due to format2 star

This book could be useful for studying chess, but it just doesn’t work with iBooks. The diagrams being used to show board positions are often split between two pages, combined with how the symbols are spaced make it impractical to learn from.25

Slayer Fan 911

Advanced proposal of how to play chess, written by a master.5 star

Example tournament games and methodologies of play make this an excellent book.55

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