Diary Of A Farting Noob 1: High School

Diary Of A Farting Noob 1: High School Summary

Noob's stomach causes a scene during his first day at Roblox High School. 

He gets a strange gassy outburst and pisses off none other than the psycho-murderer, Jason from Murder Mystery. Of course, Noob immediately knows that this means trouble... 

Take a peek at what is really going on in this Roblox Noob's life and how he overcomes trouble at school. 

Can Roblox Noob turn his fart into a deadly weapon or his butt will say otherwise? 

Ready to laugh your butt off? 

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Book Reviews

James micheal warren

Hey dude5 star

This is a real good story man! It’s long and awesome and me and my dad think it’s a really good book for free! Good job, pls make more of these books and have them for free as well! Also would like to add, if this book confuses you then, I will explain. Basically it’s a roblox Ian high school book, and at the high school I guess people fart a lot, I am a fan of fart comedy but I don’t know bout u guys. People thinks it is lame, but I bet they can’t even come up with their own funny stuff, so yea, great book, also I hate the character Jason LOL he is stupid, love the book nooby lee, keeps it up!55


That’s just...no2 star

This is not good book. Yeah I’m talking to u NOOBY LEE25


I’m confusion1 star

I’m confusion I’m confusion I’m confusion I’m confusion I’m confusion I’m confusion I’m confusion I’m confusion15


Just doesn’t make since1 star

I don’t understand this book.15

awesome_nate 0_0

'X,smms5 star



Pretty good.4 star

This book was interesting. With all of the drama. And the surprising ending. Definitely would recommend to anyone that loves roblox.45


Wut3 star

I confused35


Well.......3 star

This book is NOOBY!!!!! Do not read it....... it will give you nightmares.......jk it won’t. Just don’t read it. It’s HARRIBLE35

uhhhhh i dont have a name

Robloxiakids books suuuuucks3 star

It’s nice but odd story so 4⭐️ 😇35


Cool book3 star

Next time can you make it a comic then it will kinda better35

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