Reflections On the Game

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In celebration of the 2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational, NBC Publishing and the Golf Channel are pleased to offer this download of Palmer’s poignant essay, “Reflections on the Game.”

The essay is featured in the new eBook, Arnold Palmer: A Personal Journey by Thomas Hauser with Arnold Palmer—a stunning tribute to an American sports hero and the most intimate portrait ever of the man behind the legend.

Book Reviews

Mark& Golf

I love it5 star

Plenty golf courses in heaven, play forever 🙏🙏🙏55

awesome too the point honest

Arnold palmer5 star

a good book for athentic golfers.55


Reflections on the game4 star

Short,sweet,and to the point, typically Arnold Palmer.45


Enjoyable5 star

Very quick and refreshing read.55

Dom 3:16

Great Read5 star

A great read for every student of the game. Trent55

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Reactions to the Book.3 star

This book was a good read and very short. After all it was free and good insight to the game of golf from Arnold Palmer mind!35


Great reading5 star

I was glad to read this book from my hero in golf, Arnold Palmer. I took a lot from this book, and a better understanding for the game of golf.55


So true5 star

Mr. Palmer has it right. There is no other sport a young person can learn how to live than golf. A must read for any golfer. My children will read this.55


Amazing5 star

Couldn't put it down, loved it55


Reflections of the Game5 star

What else would I expect than an insightful and revealing story of this great game. He is so right that most all major sports change often to adjust to the wishes and perceived needs of the times. Golf, however, remains true to its origins...a continuously growing recreational game that stresses personal integrity and a desire to improve and enjoy this game throughout a lifetime. Arnold Palmer remains a total gentleman who honors the game he loves and wants all players to do the same! Worth the read for anyone who loves sports!55

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