The Avengers, Vol. 1

The Avengers, Vol. 1 Summary

Read the first chapter of Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis Vol. 1. The Avengers have never been mightier as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine and more team together to stop threats no single hero can stop.

Book Reviews

Super Snoopy( my dog)

I love Avengers!!!!!5 star

AWESOME BOOK!!!! But I wish it was longer...55

Throne-Funny 737

Amazing5 star

It is AMAZING! Totally recommend this.55

Chaos Khan

Good Free Comic5 star

I love Marvel Comics because of the comics create stuff. Also someone why the United Nations is constantly Attacked in Comics, the MCU and the Animated Series.55

predator Legends

Confusion1 star

This book is very confusing I haven’t the slightest idea what is going on and who is who.15

Raymond Lin (the real raymond)

Okay.....5 star



It’s ok2 star

I can’t really understand what was happening, so it was confusing for me. And the drawings are really good but, please only do ONE font! It’s kinda weird to do that. It doesn’t really fit with it (the font)25


The best!5 star

Avengers is my favorite team from Marvel55


Hi5 star



the avengers, vol .15 star

Ive alwayse like the avengers books, but this ne it really nice and awsome cliff hanger.55


Incredibly mind blowing5 star


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