The 101 Best Sex Positions Ever

The 101 Best Sex Positions Ever Summary

Passionate and loving, here is a selection of 101 kama-sutra positions, each more erotic and sensual than the other. These positions are just waiting for you to explore the paths of pleasure and sensuality. Everything is good to climb the passion thermometer and give yourselves mutual pleasure!

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sex master11

Best poses5 star

This is a great book for adults needing help on sex life and it helps55


Bad1 star

Probably the dumbest sex book out there. Don’t waste your time.15


Same2 star

There where the same position most of them with different names25

Hi whatzup hello

Nasty.1 star

Why does this book even exist?15


Boring1 star

The same positions just different names15


Sex5 star

This app is awsome my girlfriend and I have so much fun while having sex55

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