Fate Bound

Fate Bound Summary

One girl will change the supernatural world forever.

When she’s fatally stabbed during a botched robbery, Ava’s life changes. She wakes to miraculously healed wounds, heightened senses, and a startling truth: She’s a werewolf.

But things are not as they seem. Soon, Ava’s strength wanes and the only thing that can revive her is the one thing she shouldn’t need: human blood. She is a hybrid, an abomination that shouldn’t exist.

When the supernatural community learns what Ava is, her alpha Jack will do anything he can to keep her safe. But is one life worth risking the human world Jack is sworn to protect?

If you like sexy shifters, vicious vampires, and fast-paced action, you’ll love Fate Bound.

Buy Fate Bound today to begin this deliciously addicting series!

Book Reviews

u wanna see some real speed

Great book !5 star

I know that in the first book of a series you get use to the characters and get a feel of what the books are going to be like. This first book was very good though and I’m happy it caught my attention :)55


Amazing Book!!!5 star

This book is so good. It is amazing. With a mix of romance and fighting. Of course the main character is a girl who shows that’s she is tough. The author did amazing. 🤩55

hunter 556

Really a 2.5 rating 😔3 star

This was a fast read and I love paranormal romances but this one did not do it for me. I was not attached to the characters enough to want to continue the series and I felt like everything went by so quickly, and there was no buildup to the events in the story. It was very predictable and when it wasn’t , the events that occur was sometimes very random. There was a lot more that could be explained in the book even if it was just a starter for a series. The story lacked grip, excitement, engagement and I was not emotionally invested and because of this the story fell flat. I hope this review helps potential readers and if you do happen to read the book please leave a review to let us know how you felt about it 😁🖤35


Fate Bound5 star

I loved it— you will too55


🧡🧡👌🏼5 star

Recommend: Yes! +It’s a great twist to a vampire/werewolf story, but it has its similarities with Twilight. Both the male characters felt a strong bond with the female lead. But she’s proving to be more independent than when she first started.55


Fate bound5 star

Loved it just got book two55

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