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Mary Shelley was just 18 when she had a nightmare vision: “I saw the pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together. I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, and then, on the working of some powerful engine, show signs of life.”

Despite her lack of writing experience, Shelley converted her dream into what is often referred to as the world’s first horror novel, a timeless tale of science gone bad. Frankenstein follows the story of Swiss scientist Victor Frankenstein, who manages to animate a hulking creature referred to as a “monster,” “wretch,” or “fiend.” Shelley’s 1818 classic has become one of the most frequently taught works of fiction, a cultural touchstone for conversations about the dark side of innovation. (Made-up words like Frankenscience andFrankenfood have become shorthand for the products of technological tampering.) More than 200 years after it was published, this novel remains a thought-provoking read that explores timely themes like creators’ responsibilities for the unintended consequences of their inventions.

Book Reviews

a emo person

Absolutely Phenomenal!5 star

This book is the bomb! Why do i say that? It has outstanding plot twists had me in shock. And to believe it was written in the 19th century is also something brilliant. The literature is out standing and the characters as well! I need to learn how to write..55

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Fantastic!5 star

When I read this book it really is a heart warming experience and this book will forever be a classic55

swine maw

My two cents2 star

when i come to a close with this book,a indescribable feeling overwhelm my heart.what is in the creator’s heart is in all of us,the intrinsic dislike towards a creature who is ugly in appearance but not in spirit and mind.all the misery existing both in this book and in reality is caused by human nature which is of stupidity and ignorance25

Vladislav Maleyev

Prodigal Son-like4 star

Shows the importance of being loved. The monster was abandoned by Frankenstein who was a miserable person. The monster as a result became just like its owner; a miserable and deranged being.45


Convoluted2 star

You can definitely tell why the book was written.25


Insightful5 star

You can delve deep and learn some lessons about life - or you can just read it without thinking! Because it is exciting!!! I learned things having to do with what actually makes a human - it makes you value the simple things of life - and more ^_^55


Unexpected!5 star

Nothing like what I expected of in the story of Frankenstein and his creature. The monster is so much more interesting than portrayed in pop culture.55


Nail-Biting Excellence5 star

If you like horror, come read this masterpiece and pay respects to a phenomenal female horror author. Mary Shelley winds plot into climax so well you’ll be biting your nails—even with foreshadowing.55


Exceptional!5 star

A great story well written.55


Excellent5 star

So much better than any movie (not surprising is it?) I’m super happy I read it because there are things in there that I had no idea were going to happen.55

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