Girls: Lena Dunham's Twitter Journal

Girls: Lena Dunham's Twitter Journal Summary

Check out Lena Dunham's twitter journal chronicling her experiences shooting season one of HBO's newest comedy hit, Girls. Relive Lena's experience by following her tweets and seeing pictures she took on her iPhone from the time the show was picked up through the season one wrap. Created with Apple's iBooks Author app, this exclusive interactive book also contains video clips from the show, excerpts from behind-the-scenes features, and links to discover where key scenes were shot.

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Oh My!1 star

That big girl should really keep her clothes on15


Oh...1 star

She means, “white” girls… ha.15

Bob the mutant sloth

Lazy people complaining about things they are too lazy to do.1 star

I really dislike this show, and it's shallow entitled, lazy characters. The creator of this show is slightly more mature than the character she portrays but not enough so to this worthwhile to me.15


Disappointed1 star

I was really excited when I saw this was free, I love Lena Dunham and Girls, but I overlooked the "Requirements" and can't view it. :/15

winny and erica

what the heck5 star

what this was hilariouse i love her and this is worth the download, it will have you bursting.55

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