Humorous Ghost Stories

Humorous Ghost Stories Summary


The Canterville Ghost
By Oscar Wilde

The Ghost-Extinguisher
By Gelett Burgess

“Dey Ain't No Ghosts”
By Ellis Parker Butler

The Transferred Ghost
By Frank R. Stockton

The Mummy's Foot
By Théophile Gautier

The Rival Ghosts
By Brander Matthews

The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall
By John Kendrick Bangs

Back from that Bourne

The Ghost-Ship
By Richard Middleton

The Transplanted Ghost
By Wallace Irwin

The Last Ghost in Harmony
By Nelson Lloyd

The Ghost of Miser Brimpson
By Eden Phillpotts

The Haunted Photograph
By Ruth McEnery Stuart

The Ghost that Got the Button
By Will Adams

The Specter Bridegroom
By Washington Irving

The Specter of Tappington
Compiled by Richard Barham

In the Barn
By Burges Johnson

A Shady Plot
By Elsie Brown

The Lady and the Ghost
By Rose Cecil O'Neill

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