Not a Lot of People Know That

Not a Lot of People Know That Summary

Not a Lot of People Know That is a book of facts. Not a lot of people know these facts. David Hailwood and FJ Riley know them. Not a lof of people know who David Hailwood and FJ Riley are, but with facts as accurate as these, they soon will.

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Nicky rules

Seriously 😒. Trash1 star

I saw this book and thought I’d read the sample after seeing a few of the comments and reviews of the book.... not even worth it. The sample reading was about how calcium isn’t even a real element and it was made up. Dude there’s a thing called real science and facts. And fact is that even the date for the “fact” from the sample was incorrect. Get your facts straight before righting and publishing a book. Honestly not even worth the effort to download. Not even good enough for one star. 🙄😒15


Terrible1 star

This has many incorrect facts and is just terrible15


Confused1 star

This book annoyed me to no end. Weird and dry humor. These facts or “things” not a lot of people know are mixed in with a strange sarcasm. I just don’t like it.15


Worth the money: Nothing.1 star

I expected interesting facts. This was complete made-up rubbish. I’m glad it was free, but still not worth downloading. Complete and utter waste of time.15

Big hole2011

Disappointed1 star

I was hoping for a collection of little known facts, and was excited to come across what I thought was just that, but no. This book is just made up facts (ie “Calcium isn’t a real element. Vaccines are just placebos). Waste of time.15


Stupid stuff.1 star



Yes please5 star

10/10 would reed again. A+ book. Great book meme tbh its b funny i love it keep up the awesome work55


Laughter garanteed5 star

Only for people who have a sense of humor. Spoiler alert: I actually tried the web page. One of the best books I've read since the beginning of the year!!55

Photo maven

Super fu😎King funny5 star



What a waste of time1 star

This thin tome is entirely lacking in both facts and humor. Although it was free, I paid way too much for this book. Your time would be better spent alphabetizing your spice rack.15

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