Applied Anatomy and Physiology A Concise Text and Lab Manual

Applied Anatomy and Physiology A Concise Text and Lab Manual Summary

This book is designed for students in the Anatomy and Physiology Undergraduate Program. Take a journey to understand the complexity of the structure and its intricate function through pages of concise text, anatomical images, dissection of organs, and short videos. In addition, visualization of 3-dimensional animations has been linked to display relationships that enhance the understanding of particular mechanism or system.  My goal is to provide students the responsibility of “self-learning” and guide students in hands-on laboratory studies of the body to reinforce the information learned in the lecture.

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Amazing Book & Reference!!5 star

This book is amazing. It includes everything that you need to know for the course, & actually is straight to the point. Very easy explanation of what needs to be done. Also very useful with the videos and ability to highlight and add notes to whatever you’d like, as well as with the ability to put it in study mode, and study the selected topics you’ve highlighted! This book is very useful to your understanding and learning of Anatomy & Physiology!55

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