Middlemarch Summary

Making masterful use of a counter pointed plot, Eliot presents the stories of a number of denizens of a small English town on the eve of the Reform Bill of 1832. The main characters, Dorothea Brooke and Tertius Lydgate, each long for exceptional lives but are powerfully constrained by their own unrealistic expectations as well as conservative society. The novel is notable for its deep psychological insight and sophisticated character portraits.

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Slooooow1 star

This book reads at the speed of molasses in January. The story line doesn’t start until chapter 20! Everything before that is background for characters that mean nothing since you haven’t engaged with them in a story yet. Often times, by the time I got back to a character I could barely remember who they were since it had been over 100 pages since I last read about them. Not a fan.15

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Beautiful classic4 star

This edition is chock-a-block with typos and was never properly proof read. The story survives, but the next edition definitely needs to be improved.45


Wished this book would never end5 star

Nearly 900 pages, yet I was sorry to part with Dorothea and her Middlemarch fellows. Dorothea, a new literary heroine for me.55


Middlemarch5 star

Insightful, profound, prescient. A good read.55


Among the greats of English Literature5 star

Reading “Middlemarch”, it is clear why it is so highly regarded. I even began to wonder why not more highly regarded. The story goes from strength to strength, not flagging as long novels often do, but actually increasing interest as the stories unfold. Great insights into the social life of English country life in the 1830s and great insight into the singularity of the human condition through all time.55


Middle March5 star

Wonderful book on a small town and the people in it. All are very human in their strengths and flaws. George Elliot has a talent for understanding and describing the very soul of her characters. I enjoyed reading this although the language was tough at first. I stuck with it and was rewarded with a great story.55

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A classic for sure5 star

A classic of literature far ahead of its time!55


The Best, With Typos5 star

Middlemarch is the greatest novel in the English language. However, this edition contains a disconcerting number of typographical errors.55


Middlemarch5 star

A terrific read. Even though it was written about two hundred years ago, its characterization of human nature is just as true today. Recommend highly.55


Middlemarch5 star

One of the best - still relevant. MIddlemarch does not disappoint55

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