A Day In the Life of Cats

A Day In the Life of Cats Summary

Just a collections of photos of cats being cats. The stupid but cute things cats do.

Book Reviews

em em😍🥳

# getting a kitten3 star

I haven’t read this book yet but I am going to because I am also getting a kitten!!!35

the critic of anythimg

😱 😆 omg5 star

I love cats they are so cute and snuggly READ IT55


Cute5 star

It was so cute55


Loved The Book5 star

I loved this book it showed me how cats can move around during the day. And thanks for warning me to look over my catnip stash!😳55


I think the title is great, can do better, but great 👍5 star

I love cats. I love this book. If you don’t do 5 stars then your crazy😺55

Bz love_101❤️

READ THIS REVIEW NOW SAVE A CAT 🐈 !!!!🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐5 star

1 STAR= 1 saved cat😢😢😢(YOU CAN DO BETTER) 2 STAR= 2 saved catS😔😔😔(TRY HARDER YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T LIKE CATS IF YOUR BEING THIS MEAN!) 3 STAR= 3 saved cats ☹️☹️☹️(JUST A LITTLE MORE ITS FOR THE CATS!!!) 4 SATR= 4 saved cats 🙂🙂🙂(YOU TRYED BUT ONE MORE STAR WOULDN’T HURT) 5 STAR= 5 SAVED CATS😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁(you are sooooooooo nice you must love cats you saved 5 cats in a click of a button!) If you did a have a Star and one of the numbers listed above you tryed ok but 5 cats save probably will get you free cookies for life from the old lady next door 👵55


Kittysssss5 star

I loved cats since I was 3 and I still love them even if ppl say”ewww that cat is so ugly” all kittys are cute rate this 5 stars to save these cats that are abused. 5 stars saves 5 kittens 4 saves 4 kittens 3stars saves 3 kittens 2star saves 2 kittens 1star saves 1 kitten.HELP SAVE THOSES KITTENS!!!And if u cared to save a cat then u should be the 1 to be reading this. thank-you so so much!!!55

kitten steph

Okay3 star

I am getting a kitten but this book the gray cat makes me sad cuz a thing has happened but it is a good book35


Horrible1 star

This book is too short. For cat ladies only!👵🏻🐱15


Cute Cats3 star

Now I want a cat. And it's all your fault. They were so cute! I just wanted to reach into the cute pictures and stroke they're fur. Very cute. However, not worth five stars, as it is really just a book full of cat pictures. Cheers. ;-)35

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