The Ethics of Aristotle

The Ethics of Aristotle Summary

This volume is the great work of moral philosophy by ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, a companion to his Politics. This English translation, with an introduction by British philosopher John Alexander Smith, was first published in 1911.

Book Reviews

Angus West

Easy Ideas Made into Hard Truths4 star

Aristotle propounds simple ways of thought so as to prove we know very little. Besides some mistaken concept about geometry, he is spot on in prioritizing learning and health for a good life.45

Gary 10177

Poorly done1 star

Whoever scanned the 1911 edition to create this electronic version did a very poor job. It's supposedly part of the google books project, so likely someone at Google screwed up. Looks like some of the chapter numbering got lost. The text might be intact, but you'll sometimes feel like you're suddenly going from, say, chapter 8 to chapter 11. I don't have the original 1911 edition, so it's hard to say whether any of the text is actually missing. It seems to track (roughly) with the recent Bartlett and Collins translation. So maybe it is all here. But still, this is by no means an authoritative edition. Aristotle deserves better. And for that matter, so does J.A. Smith.15


Missing Chapters1 star

Don’t download this version. It is missing multiple chapters, but I didn’t know this until I had started reading the book. The book itself is great, but this version is incomplete.15

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