Words of Wisdom - 100 Inspirational Quotations

Words of Wisdom - 100 Inspirational Quotations Summary

From the world’s greatest thinkers across the centuries, Words of Wisdom is a delightful collection of advice and insight.  With a quotation for every situation, flick through the pages to find motivation, consolation and simply to enjoy the beauty of these succinct and timeless words.

Book Reviews


Good book5 star

Highly suggest it55


Great book and an extremely comfortable read5 star

Loved the timeless and valuable wisdom that I received from this book on a daily basis..55


SPAM / SCAM1 star

This is SPAM. This book is NOT what it says it is.15


Teash1 star

Remove this.15


Scam do not download!1 star

Scam do not download!15


Not worth a free download1 star

I’m sorry this just wasn’t what I was expecting. Maybe I thought it would have some useful stuff.15


Glitch1 star

It goes to another book when you try to sample read15


Disgusting1 star

Be warned- all I saw was pictures for smut, I didn’t read the reviews before I downloaded a sample! Never did get to any quotes, just page after page of adds for sexy smutty crap! People have been complaining about this for over 3 years and iTunes Store still hasn’t fixed this. I’m off to go try to delete this from my iPhone!15


Why would iTunes?1 star

Why does this book have sexy ads at the start? Am I missing something or by searching books on wisdom iTunes believes my next Book should be hot and steamy adultery.15


Spam and nothing else1 star

Nearly every page auto opens the bookstore and takes you to another author. The worst kind of trash.15

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