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Beowulf is the conventional title of an Old English epic poem consisting of 3182 alliterative long lines, set in Scandinavia, the oldest surviving epic poem of Old English and thus commonly cited as one of the most important works of Anglo-Saxon literature, and also arguably the earliest vernacular English literature.

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Beawulf4 star

Is it free?45

Kyle Murray7375377

Good book5 star

Stop saying that this is old English, because it is not. Unless you are studying old English, you cannot read it. This isn't old English it is archaic English, learn the difference.55

Harry Peni

"You don't"?3 star

To the person who said "you don't" in reference to reading Old English: actually, I do, thank you. I happen to be studying Old English and I can read, write, and translate Old English texts. I just wanted to discredit your generalization. Thank you, and good day.35


Recommended4 star

This was my first time reading Beowulf. I found this translation to be well done and fairly readable. The endnotes are helpful. The book could stand some more explanatory notes - perhaps a brief explanatory paragraph to introduce each book. I was able to find a free sparknotes on Beowulf which was Avery helpful companion read along with Wikipedia of course.45


Good translation5 star

The translation is fine. The person who left a one-star review is an idiot. Ignore him. Unless you read Old English (you don't), this is the best free version.55


Good4 star

Formatting is a little difficult to read, but it's not a problem. If you are looking for a free translation of the poem, this is it!45

Flash Sheridan

Not Beowulf, but a translation1 star

This is not the poem, it’s “translated by Gummere,” which you can’t find out until after you download it.15

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