Divine Comedy

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American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s published in 1867 his translation of part one of Italian poet Dante Alighieri’s epic triptych of the Catholic afterlife.

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Ehh2 star

I personally believe the the John Ciardi translation is better.25


iTunes blurb needs translator info2 star

With an italian language classic such as this, it is important to know the translator. It turns out this version was done by Longfellow and it may be a fairly well regarded translation , but I didn't find it particularly engaging. I went back to the store & downloaded the translation by Chiardi that I remember from college. I think it will be much more satisfying.25


A True Story5 star

Dante goes through so much to be reunited with his love55


Translation by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow4 star

I don't know why it's not listed, but this translation of Dante is by Longfellow. I believe there are three well known English translations, maybe more. Just FYI45

Arthur CA

Wow!5 star

Dante's way of expression Hell and the fears of it make his poem/book one of the most interesting things I have read. If I could rate it higher. I would!!55

The Thinker's Child

Inferno4 star

Amazingly brilliant to the point where it is hard to put this book down.45

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Divine Comedy


Divine Comedy
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