Python Simplified

Python Simplified Summary

Welcome to Python, a programming language which is used widely around the world. People often think programming language is hard to learn, heck even I thought so too. But it’s actually very simple and interesting. This book is all about that. This book will provide a simplified version of python. I hope my book will make you fall in love with the language and give you a head start into the world of technology. This book will be as though you are reading a novel.

Book Reviews


Plot twist5 star

Only about 100 pages in so far. But has been a good read so far, jumps into simple commands and gives examples. I have found typos and inaccuracies in some of the examples so far, but honestly I really like that they are there! The book does such a good job of letting you know what the code does that it feels like they were purposefully put there so that we could “debug” the code!55


Great free resource!5 star

Thank you Ratneshwaran for creating such a helpful free resource. I learned a lot and will certainly read it again!!55

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