Answers to Your Coronavirus Questions

Answers to Your Coronavirus Questions Summary

Covid-19 cases continue to be confirmed. By following some basic steps, you can help reduce your risk and do your part to protect others. This book collects more than two dozen pieces of journalism from The New York Times that explain what to do if you feel sick and are worried it may be the coronavirus, what scientists have learned about how the virus infects and attacks cells, how to talk to children and teens about the outbreak, what to do if you’re worried about the stock market and much more. 

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Book Reviews


Very useful3 star

Very informational35


Covid 193 star

This helped me a little to understand our current situation. I don’t think that all in this book were completely accurate but I like how it didn’t overload on the death toll that scares my little little sisters to death.35


Excellent information5 star

Coherent information in a well organized way.55


I t s c o r o n a t I m e5 star

Yes thank you mr Fauci we appreciate55

Kelly mcc

New York Times1 star

Don’t believe this propaganda news paper go to the and get the true information15


Excellent Resource5 star

Thank you NYT for compiling such a comprehensive resource & sharing it freely. Your efforts & talents are appreciated.55


Can’t increase font size2 star

Would be better if I could increase the font size.25


Thank You N.Y Times !5 star

Stopping the misinformation is the best information.55


Good summary5 star

This is a good summary of information. Most of it is available elsewhere, but this combines well in a single source.55


With Gratitude5 star

The New York Times provides the best roll-up of information related to the outbreak I could find in a highly readable and straightforward manner. Thank you for generously gifting the world this book.55

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