Weights and Measures Study Guide

Weights and Measures Study Guide Summary

Table of Contents
Conversion of units:
Length:  Conversion
Area: 2-D Formulae | 3-D Formulae | Conversion
Volume: Formulae | Conversion
Angle:  Conversion
Mass:  Conversion
Time:  Conversion
Speed: Conversion
Acceleration: Conversion
Force:  Conversion
Pressure or mechanical stress:  Conversion
Energy, work, or heat: Conversion
Power: Conversion
Angular momentum: Conversion
Electricity: Current | Charge | Resistance | Voltage | Formulae | Conversion
Viscosity: Conversion
Information entropy: Conversion
Temperature: Conversion
Approximate conversion of units
History: Systems of measurement | History of measurement
Metric system (SI): Definition | SI writing style | Powers of 10 prefixes
Other Systems: English system | Imperial unit | United States customary units | Comparison of the Imperial and U.S. customary systems

Book Reviews


Jaco6454 star

This is a great book, but it's very complex. Still, if you have trouble converting measurements, this is for you! Plus, it's free! So what if you may not like it?! You won't regret anything!45

Physics for free

Drop out5 star

Drop out of engineering school. Read this book cover to cover, and you're good to go.55


Missing the middle2 star

For what it is, it is fine. I base my review on the electricity portion which was based initially very high, then went low, then back to a high level of required knowledge. For instance, calculus based formula for the voltage potential difference, then to ohms law, then the voltage calculations for a capacitive reactance situation WITHOUT providing the simple calculation for capacitive reactance. Good intent, weak delivery.25


That example on the coin toss5 star

to collect bits and some of the other writing is a nice surprise in a book like this.55


??3 star

This should be a grand resource, but the table of contents is illegible...35

Thomas Bradley

Complete and Incredibly Organized5 star

I love this mini encyclopedia. I'm a college student and this really comes in handy. Every unit is very easy to find and the book contains not only conversions, but also explanations for each unit. I've always wanted to know what a furlong is.55


Good book5 star

This book is such a important to all maths student and also engineering. It shows all the conversion and formula.55

Chuck norris like

Awesome5 star

Great resource!!!!!!55


Weights and Measures5 star

This book comes in real handy. As a instructor of the hvac trade the book makes conversions a breeze if you need to write out a formula. Thanks!55


Excellent resource!5 star

I cannot believe this book is available for free!55

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