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Emma Woodhouse may just be Jane Austen’s most controversial character. Some see her as a spoiled narcissist who’s deluded about reality, while others view her as a well-intentioned and bitingly sarcastic young woman who matures before our eyes.

This well-loved novel-which is often adapted for the screen-is set in the early 19th century, among England’s landed gentry. After seeing her governess happily married, Emma decides she is a natural matchmaker and devises a plan to find her new friend Harriet a mate. What follows has all the makings of a contemporary soap opera. As usual, Austen portrays her contemporaries with a brilliant and subtle snark. Emma is a wonderfully entertaining read.

Book Reviews


Emma (EM)3 star

I... have mix feelings with this book, it was not a bad reading but the small plots and overall plot were only resolved by the enneagram of the book which made the reed a little harder. I liked the connection between the protagonist but would’ve loved to see more of it, really like the development of many characters. I think this book could’ve have been shorter which would have made it better. But it is a good reed!35


Emma5 star

Emma is sort of a brat but is unique from the other mc’s so I like it also, clueless copied this!1!1!1!!!!1!1!!!11!55


“‘Emma’ Book Review”5 star

This book had interesting characters and was written in a whimsical, lighthearted, and humorous way that made the reading of it quite enjoyable for me. This is why it deserves the five-star review that it gets.55


Not My Favorite Jane Austen3 star

This book is written in Jane Austen’s inimitable style and has the same basic elements as the other books of hers that I have read. The biggest difference is that I didn’t particularly like either Emma or Mr. Woodhouse, which made the book hard to get through.35

Hanna Z.B.

Os1 star


bibliophile :D

Loved this book5 star

So many people write insightful thoughts on the book, I am most definitely not one of those people. 😂 the truth is that this book just made me happy it was so sweet and I felt like I was actually there with them this is definitely a book that I would recommend55


Okay3 star

I was expecting to really like it, but i found myself extremely bored whenever I started reading. It is a very long and slow read and has taken me a long time to finish. If you want a educational book to expand your vocabulary this is good but it is a little boring.35


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Great5 star

I am ten and I read it. It is confusing but good all the same55


Amazing5 star

I was a bit apprehensive about reading this book as it’s not really my usual cup of tea, but after reading it I can safely say that it lives up to the hype.55

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