Facade Summary

The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion. The tunnel is.

I didn't become a billionaire sitting on the couch.

Sure, I come from money, but I turned that money into millions and billions more.

Somehow though, I've landed myself in hot water and someone wants my money, or me dead. Probably both. I hired a bodyguard from an agency that assured me they only work with the best. 

Their best is a pretty, dark haired girl with an amazing body?

I'm screwed.




Billionaire in Disguise Series:




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I like good books that are well thought out & written. This book has slow parts where you loose interest, then picks up again. Now when it comes to the end this book ended in a “Cliffhanger!” I HATE CLIFFHANGER’S!!25


Blah1 star

Nothing spectacular about this book. I got bored fast!15


Promising1 star

This could be a promising author. The story line of her various books is pretty good as well as the writing style. What gets me is the book that actually reads much shorter than the proposed page count and the multiple books with cliff hangers. I displeased with the hope for people to buy the book and get cheated. I understand making the first in a series free, but if I will pay for the next books make sure the customer is getting what they are paying for. I now know how this author works and this is the last series I will buy or read by her.15

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