Mafia Heir

Mafia Heir Summary

Mine to protect. Mine to take. She is MINE!

Five brothers
One broken family
A past that will haunt them forever

"If you dare leave me for another if you ever look at another man if you ever let anyone else touch you... I'll not let him live, Beauty. I won't stop until I've ground his face into the dirt, until I've pulled out his eyes for looking at you, broken his mouth for daring to speak to you, until I've pulled out his guts, and," I glare at her, "smeared his blood on the ground."
Her breath hitches and her pupils dilate.
My thirst for violence seems to fulfill a need deep inside of her—one she doesn't bother to hide from me either.
"You're not disgusted by my cruelty?" I tilt my head, "My penchant for brutality seems to appeal to you, Bellezza?"
"And what if it does?" She purses her lips, "What if I it is the savagery at your core that attracts me...?"

This is the prequel to Mafia King – Dark Mafia Billionaire Arranged Marriage Romance Series

Book Reviews


A good start.4 star

I love Italian men. I just wish the latin/Italian phrases were interpreted. It is a good start. Waiting for more in Mafia King.45

Deb W. 81

Mafia Heir5 star

Another fantastic beginning with a lot of 🤔. A must read ❤️. 📚. 👍55

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