Surging Tide

Surging Tide Summary

Sometimes, one must go against the tide…

Gabriella – Gabby for short – desperately needs a holiday. She's worked way too hard, just lost her father and wants a break. From everything. She books a stay at a picturesque cottage by the sea. No phone, no internet, no neighbors – just books, a bottle of wine and the beach. A month without distraction and a chance to find herself again.

Until a hunk of a guy suddenly shows up catching her sunbathing in her birthday suit. The man is hot as sin. Jake Wolfe is cocky and stubborn too.

Double booked. Double trouble.

Stuck on an island with a stranger, they try to make the best of it, but get on each other's nerves. When a drunken night leads to steamy passion, they realize something's brewing, and like the unpredictability of stormy weather, things could get rough

Cottage by the Sea Series
Surging TideDistant ShoresTwisting Ocean

Book Reviews

DG Whit

Surging tide.1 star

I won’t buy any more of her books it cost to much to keep buying the rest of the books. And you never know how many you will have to buy just to get to the end of the story.15

Mrs. Music-lover

Good premise, horrible ending! Needs part II.3 star

No way! It can’t just end like this!35

Angelique Fireheart

Wow!!! Amazing Piece of Literature5 star

I loved this book from start to finish. I could barely put it down. Memorable characters with an interesting storyline. Would love to read more about them.55


Disappointing2 star

It was an interesting read but it’s like the book just stops without an ending. Very disappointed it’s like you’re just let in the middle of a movie.25


Surging Tide5 star

Love the book! Too bad it sort of ended I’ll read more! Thanks!55

Grannie Karon

Surging Tide3 star

I liked the story line but hate it when it ends mid story. That is why I did not rate it higher. It works better when you make the series stand alone reads. I am an avid reader and can easily read 2 books a day.35


Wonderful book!5 star

I really enjoyed all three series of this book. :)55


Insufferable1 star

This book is so insufferable. The protagonists are whiny. Very unlikable. Writing is repetitive & the story moves at a snail’s pace. Gave up after the first 100 or so pages. Don’t waste your time or money.15


I t was a good read…3 star

Until the end. I didn’t care for the ending, which didn’t seem like an ending at all. Way too much left hanging and the next book didn’t seem to have any promise of tying up the first book. Left me disappointed and sad just like the two characters. Also, as a picky note, I miss the indents of paragraph writing style. It was hard to figure out when one person finished their sentence if it went to the end of the line and immediately went to the next paragraph without the indent.35


Distant shores5 star

Very god read . Thank you55

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