Hacking the GMAT: Sentence Correction

Hacking the GMAT: Sentence Correction Summary

GMAT sentence correction (SC) questions bewilder and frustrate non-native and native English speakers alike. The myriad rules of grammar – not to mention conventions such as idioms and style – make even the most confident test-takers second-guess themselves. 

This short guide painlessly breaks down the essential grammar, idiom, and style rules you need to know in order to tackle these questions with confidence and rocket your verbal score into the top percentiles. 

Learn grammar rules and conventions including subject-verb agreement, pronoun use, modifiers, tenses, comparisons, parallelism, and idioms, and more importantly, how the GMAT actually tests these concepts in SC questions. Test your skills with a set a GMAT practice questions after each short chapter. 

Filled with detailed examples and strategy advice, Hacking the GMAT: Sentence Correction was written to be the most accessible GMAT prep guide.

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