Taming the Terminal

Taming the Terminal Summary

Taming the Terminal is specifically targeted at learning the macOS Terminal but most of the content is applicable to the Linux command line. If you’re on Windows, it is recommended that you use the Linux Subsystem for Windows to learn along with this book. Wherever practical, Bart explains the differences that you may encounter if you’re not on macOS.

The series started in April 2013 and was essentially complete in 2015 after 35 of n lessons, but Bart carefully labeled them as "of n" because he knew that over time there likely would be new episodes. More episodes have indeed come out, and this book will be updated over time as the new instalments are released.

Book Reviews


Can’t believe it’s free5 star

Great material55


Best Way to Learn How to Use the Terminal5 star

What a wonderful, step-by-step way to learn how to use the Terminal. Bart's written content combined with an easily accessible audio podcast where Allison asks Bart the questions many of us have creates an easy-to-follow and entertaining multimedia learning experience. This is also a great example of how to create an eBook from a podcast series using open source resources and a strong community.55


Awesome Resource!5 star

Big Thanks to Bart and Allison for this!55


Great Series now in book format5 star

I listened to the podcast version of this book and found it a great learning tool. This can teach you things about the terminal which are very useful. I highly recommend!55


Great reference !!5 star

I have been listeining to Allison and Bart’s audio podcasts for many years. Since Bart started podcasting with Allison, it was clear he ‘knack’ for teaching. He always does a fantastic job of explaining complex technical material in easy to digest chunks. Now that Taming the Terminal is in printed form, it can serve as reference material. I, for one, am looking forward to using it to delve into TMUX, covered in Chapters #38 & 39…….and soon 40??55

Hans Kohlmeyer

Absolutely superb!5 star

Absolutely superb! Thanks you Bart and Allison55

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