The Pink Elephants

The Pink Elephants Summary

Money is being syphoned from the Masaibu Project

The local elephant herd is being slaughtered

Nobody even mentioned the pygmies

It's 1993. Geologist Sam Harris gets a call in the middle of the night that takes her to the Masaibu project in West Africa. The project is collapsing under the weight of corruption and chicanery.

She struggles to navigate the murky waters to get the project back on course, hindered by interference from people who want her to fail. When a slaughter occurs in the local elephant sanctuary, her problems multiply.

Can Sam protect the elephants and save the project or will she have to choose?

The Pink Elephants is the fourth book in the Sam Harris Adventure series. If you like female protagonists, complex twists and turns, and International locations, then you'll love PJ Skinner's thrilling novel.

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