Too Big to Fail

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Brand New for 2018: an updated edition featuring a new afterword to mark the 10th anniversary of the financial crisis
The brilliantly reported New York Times bestseller that goes behind the scenes of the financial crisis on Wall Street and in Washington to give the definitive account of the crisis, the basis for the HBO film
Too Big To Fail is too good to put down. . . . It is the story of the actors in the most extraordinary financial spectacle in 80 years, and it is told brilliantly.” —The Economist
In one of the most gripping financial narratives in decades, Andrew Ross Sorkin—a New York Times columnist and one of the country's most respected financial reporters—delivers the first definitive blow-by-blow account of the epochal economic crisis that brought the world to the brink. Through unprecedented access to the players involved, he re-creates all the drama and turmoil of these turbulent days, revealing never-before-disclosed details and recounting how, motivated as often by ego and greed as by fear and self-preservation, the most powerful men and women in finance and politics decided the fate of the world's economy.

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Extraordinary Detail5 star

A fly on every wall, Sorkin carries the reader across the breadth of the crisis, from the first systemic shock in the collapse of Bear Stearns in March of 08 through the populist political aftershocks the following spring and beyond. Balancing questions of moral hazard, the government’s role in highly unusual economic circumstances, and the moral ambiguity of the people in the ring, this is a seminal topology worth a spot on the shelf.55


Excellent Narrative on the Financial Crisis5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The one feature of the book that surprised me was the extensive background offered on the major figures in the story. I recommend that you pair this book with "The Big Short" for a full picture of what was going on. I really enjoyed Sorkin's writing and storytelling style.55

Higgidy Wiggidy

Educational AND Entertaining5 star

This book was so well written and rather well narrated that I have a hard time hitting stop when I get to the end of my commute. It's written as a story line, and it's written very well. This book had to take a serious amount of time to put together propertly. I am very impressed at the reasearch and information gathering. I can't fathom the amount of interviews this would have had to take, on the record or off. Great job Andrew Ross Sorkin. I will read anything you write moving forward. Regardless of party lines, you will want to read this. It's long, but you will wish it kept going, outside of the fact that this was a real story. That's the unfortunate part. This should be a movie now. I am seriously convinced there is enough information here to put one together and it would be a hit. I listened to the unabridged audio book and enjoyed the narrator. At times he was off in his punctuation, etc, but for the most part did a great job. Likely it's hard and takes forever to properly narrate this long of a book. Dang! Great job on all parts. Get it.55


A great read5 star

It was amazing-like a soap opera that has a basis in reality. I loved it and would read more by this man. It was fantastic!55


Too long to read2 star

Read the first third of the book but got bored by the fluff. Author spent too much time paistakingly describing every character's background, unnecessarily slowing down the story to the point where it was difficult to keep track of the main plot. If there was a way to remove the "fluff" I would finish reading the book (feature request for iBooks!?)25


To big to fail5 star

Scares the bejesus out of me on what happened. What a book it's amazing how much money was getting throw around. Great read55


Extraordinary!5 star

The world still hangs in the balance and this book outlines exactly what needs to be done to stop the madness---is anybody listening!55


Great read!5 star

Great book, well written and very engaging! I highly recommend!55


Great read5 star

I read the Big Short first then this and the two really helped piece the financial picture and subsequent meltdown nicely. It still amazes me all the power the big Wall Street firms have and makes me really appreciate Warren Buffet's integrity. After reading these books and hearing of the profits they are making and bonuses they are giving out, it really makes me sick. It reinforces that the rich keep getting richer which the average Joe just foots the bill.55


Excellent read!5 star

A great book that reads like a docudrama and provides a ton of behind the scenes information on the financial crisis. It also gives deep insight into the personalities involved and their reasons for doing what they did. Read this book and you might just come away seeing a much more human face on the crisis as a whole and a perspective far removed from the sound bite world that the media provides.55

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