Alexander the Great

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Alexander gained the world, but at what cost? This book is an easy but fascinating read, providing insights and details into the life of one of history's most prominent, yet puzzling, figures.

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Solid5 star



Great Book5 star

It felt like I was reliving history as I read it. I just wanted to mention there is a period missing on page 524. It's indicated by the capital T without a period before it. Mr. Abbot did a great job retelling Alexander's story, with vivid detail so you felt like you were really there.55


Alexander the Great5 star

Great book too read.55

dr. broccoli

alexander the great4 star

very informative good reading shows terpermant of person & the way he changes his ideas & his downfall45


Simple but well done4 star

This is a simple, but well done version of Alexander the Great's life. Some of the phrasing may seem odd to us today, but at the time of the authors writing, it was very well said.45

Fun. For. All. People

Alexander the Great5 star

I think this book is going to be awesome.It is about a great war Romans are having lots of fun.55


Alexander The Great2 star

I could not get through this book at all and needed to put it down. The language was too flowery and adolescent!25


Not well written1 star

Poorly written book. I've read many books on Alexander the Great and this was the least informative one I've read. The author dedicated many pages of this book to his own opinions of Alexander and much less to the actual facts and exploits of Alexander. Would not read again.15


Great Book5 star

Alexander the Great! My favorite subject! And this is a great book to read! I would highly recommend it!55


Great Review4 star

Don't listen to last review, considering the book was written over half a century ago. It was informative and educational45

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