Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners Summary

One of the classic spiritual autobiographies, this dramatic conversion testimony by Pilgrim's Progress author John Bunyan features a vivid awareness of God and Satan as personal beings. Throughout his account, Bunyan relies closely on the firm promises of God's Word as a spiritual defence.

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Beautiful.5 star

Oh how quickly God can change a man from sinner to Saint if you let Him break you.55


I think there's a bug3 star

This review is not about the content, but more about the usability of the book. I would give this a better review, but I think there's a bug in this book. And i have never seen such a thing before. I read other iBooks all the time. So, once I passed a certain place in the book (p. 53 in my iPhone 6 on iOS 9), every time I opened the book later to keep reading, it always opened up to p. 53, no matter if I had read much past it. The first few times it was annoying because I kept thinking "didn't I already read this and pass it?" Finally I learned to start hitting bookmark on the last page I read before closing the app. However this still didn't fix the problem (was only a workaround) because when I would open iBooks again, it would still do the same thing: open to p. 53, but at least this time, on the bottom navigation, it would say "go back to p. XX," where XX was the last place I had bookmarked before I closed the app. Please fix this bug for others who want to read. I am not done with the book myself, but I'll keep working around it.35


This man is an inspiration5 star

One of the benefits of this book is it's complete honesty of situations experienced in the 1600's. When compared with 21st century problems and pains, one can see that as scripture says "there is nothing new under the sun" and when it speaks of "temptations that are common to man" we experience the same 5 weapons of the enemy of our souls as did Bunyan (afflictions, persecutions, cares of the world, lust for other things and the deceitfulness of riches). His story reads as 17th century blog. His conclusions are as relevant today as they were then. God's faithfulness will never let us down. His official education was 8th grade, yet his knowledge of the Word enabled him to confound the Pharisees of his day. His ability to converse with God and hear him is a goal all Christians should aspire to. What a leader. What a man. What a great ambassador of Christ in this world. I look forward to meeting him someday! Andy Hines55

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