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Here's everything you need to know about HomePod mini and HomePod, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started with HomePod and use Siri to play music, control your home, and more.

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Very Thorough5 star

I found this guide to be very thorough! It answers some operation questions that I still had. There are so many things that this device can do. Read this document then reread it again!55


Home pod4 star

Very informative45


Mecat1!5 star

Great news thanks55


Easy5 star

Informative and very easy to read55

The real George Kaplan

HomePod Manual4 star

Well written, of course, and informative. Haven’t yet bought a HomePod or MiniPod, so would’ve liked more photos of the units, buttons, and ports. The features look great!45

rich aesthetic

Great manual just wish …4 star

that an extensive list of Siri commands was released so I would know when what I ask will be answered and when I just shouldn’t waste my time asking45

pedram tehrani

HomePod5 star



Great Product will good support5 star

Very easy to find what I wanted to use and simple. Will get a second or third pod soon.55

O  G

Amazing5 star

It can do so much more then play music. I would expect nothing less from Apple.55


Perfect directions5 star

This book stops me from ever having to look anything up on the internet. Thank you!! Reading all of this tells me that I will be purchasing more HomePod’s.55

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