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Here’s everything you need to know about iPad, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPad and discover all the amazing things it can do.

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4 stars because I think it missed a step4 star

The section discussing screen recording states you can record the screen and sound. There was no sound, or how to ensure you heard what you recorded.45


Where is the manual?1 star

I can download a 46 page sample of the 400+ page manual. I can’t find anything but the sample. I can’t even find the manual to read online. Which would be useless without an internet connection, but better than nothing which is what I have now. I’m sorry, I have 46 pages. Somebody tell me what I am doing wrong, please. Where is the &$#@+%&$ manual? This is ridiculous.15


Table of contents and index are badly needed1 star

OK, so I downloaded it as I have so many times after each major upgrade. You would think by now that the people at Apple would realize what publishers and writers of technical manuals have known for so very long, that technical manuals need to have a way of finding subject matter in them. I bought my first iPad in 2011. I think I read more of the user guide that first year than any of the subsequent versions. Over the years the guide has grown a great deal. Its size makes difficult to use. One way to make it easier to use is to provide a way of finding something in the blasted thing. Get it? How about it Apple? Unbelievable.15


No User Guide...duh1 star

I wish Apple wasn’t so cheap and the cost so expensive!!For the price of the products (iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard), we would think that Apple wouldn’t be sooo cheap and NOT supply their customers with “User guides” along with their products! Joyce15

every thing is cool

Nothing5 star



Need a print version with new iPad1 star

I agree that having no printed version is just ridiculous. What idiot thought it would be ok not having directions for use included with a $500+ device. Get a clue.15


Does anyone at Apple read these reviews???2 star

I concur with the many reviews about the POOR way the the iPadOS Users guide requires Internet and cannot seeming be downloaded even as a Ebook. HOWEVER this is actually a safety issue for those of uswho live and cruise on yachts. When we are at sea, we have nto internet, yet this is OFTEN the time we need User Guides (manuals). THIS IS A REAL SAFETY ISSUE. To my knowledge, Apple is the only company not creating a downloadable Manual for as complicated an item as an iPad.25

Peter 14

Guide5 star

Very helpful55


No Siri alarm clock on dock shutdown information.1 star

No table of contents. Did not see anything on how to shut down widgets with alarm clock that appear on the dock. That feature is so annoying and useless I’ve had to delete two most used apps so I don’t have to put up with that discussing feature. Why isn’t there a one button shutdown of that feature? Or is that to easy! I’ve spent hours google searching and found nothing that works. Getting to point with apple and iPad to just throw it in the drawer and forgot about it or throw it against the wall.15


The lack of a printable manual scuttles an otherwise good product1 star

Who is responsible for deciding not to provide a User’s Manual that can be printed, in whole or in part, for reference while learning to use this product? To force users to use the product so they can access manuals that explain how to use the product is circular reasoning and the pinnacle of absurd silliness! This decision flies in the face of the kind of forward-thinking innovation that Apple built their reputation on. It also condemns the product to minimal and marginal use until and unless the user is able to dedicate time to study and practice with the product - the very thing that Apple slammed their competitors about in their youth. An extremely poor decision...! Hint - release manuals in a format that can be easily printed.15

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