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Here’s everything you need to know about iPad, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPad and discover all the amazing things it can do.

Book Reviews

kitten dance power

Love it5 star

It helped me use my iPad better55


Full and Comprehensive5 star

The iPad is a technological marvel that is constantly made more useful with software updates. This guide is a upgradable way to stay abridge of these wonders.55


iPad5 star

Very helpful55


Awesome!5 star

It’s really useful55

Penna. Red Rider

One More Great “Easy to use and always up to date” Apple Manual5 star

Very thorough and written in easy to understand words. No “techno-jargon, mumbo-jumbo, I’m smarter than you and always will be” used here. Good simple illustrations not like “pict-o-grams” given in “some assembly required” kits. Digital Updates are great, keeping me from collecting expensive and heavy manuals that are always one or more revisions behind.55

shining dimonds

This tells us how to get started on our iPads. Read this book to learn more.5 star

Thank you.55


Good5 star

Good info for a new user like myself.55


Great Guide5 star

I learned a lot about my new iPad Pro 2nd Generation. I learned the I can use it for a map while bike riding. I also know that my iPad was a great purchase.55


Help using camera1 star

I can’t find anything in it. It shows me only four pages of general knowledge with no search field. I can’t operate the camera. All I get is blackness unlessI turn the screen to face myself. This should be basic, but I cannot figure it out. HELP15

Goddess Steele

So far not a fan3 star

I downloaded the guide and when I was reading it I clicked on one of the links in it and it took me to page 548 but now I can’t get back to the page that I was originally on without having to flip each page one by one35

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