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Here’s everything you need to know about iPad, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPad with iPadOS 16 and discover all the amazing things it can do.

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Helpful, but. . .3 star

This book can be helpful, BUT, you first need to know HOW TO USE THE GUIDE. The very first chapter should be a guide to navigating and using the guide itself. New users have no idea how to use the guide and it’s features and controls. It is VERY frustrating to use as is. I have had an iPad for about three years and STILL don’t even know how to close the help guide!35

goodbye blue skyline

Una buena guía para iOS 16.15 star

Creo que está dirigido para todo tipo de usuario, desde el menos experiencia hasta el más avanzado. Comprende toda la gama de equipo que uno pueda adquirir, igualmente sirve para poder decidir con cuál de ellos uno va a comprar. Desde mi punto de vista, tiene doble uso. Sirve para escoger el equipo que más le puede convenir a uno mismo, igualmente si uno ya tiene un equipo y ha hecho el Upgrade al sistema operativo iOS 16.1, entonces te sirve de guía para conocer los cambios y te familiarices de forma más rápida y eficiente.55


Free books1 star

Can not get free iPad 16.1 book or updates now ?15


Free and complete5 star

This is a free ebook. Apple requires payment information for any download, even free ones. The guide is extremely comprehensive and easy to read.55

Caden Johnson-Bell

Can’t get book…1 star

Why apple why? I can’t get this book for free15


This is free - as it should be.5 star

Thank goodness Apple provides FREE manuals for their iOS releases.55


Great Guide5 star

Great user guide. It’s wonderful that Apple includes these free of charge. The intros describe new features and how to use them55

Buyer Beware.2

This should be free1 star

Why is Apple asking for payment info? This should be a free download since I am only updating.15

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