Practical Duct Tape Projects

Practical Duct Tape Projects Summary

Practical Duct Tape Projects gives you full step-by-step instructions for 21 amazing uses for duct tape.  Learn how to use duct tape to make snowshoes, a wallet, an apron, scratch pads, a hammock, an insulated winter coat, and even a D20 computer server! All projects come from, are written by duct tape experts, and contain pictures for each step so you can learn how to do it yourself.  
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Book Reviews

The grat buny

Ok👌2 star

I read all of this book it was pretty good but the only thing is that just random people could make these.witch means that there was a lot of things that were un needed like there was almost a whole page with nothing like teehee or lol hah jk and little random things like thAt25


Duct tape4 star

It was awesome but it needs more duct tape things that is all the bad stuff about it.That is not a lot.I is awesome I love it please make more Thank you45

Bob coopers

Helpful in the future5 star

I going to make what is in the book in the future55


Great5 star

Super super great luv it55


Duct tape4 star

This is a good book but some of the stuff I was hoping to learn about aren't here!!!!45

Katily =^•^=

Great free fun!5 star

Love the variety!55


Fun with duct tape5 star

Good stuff here, and the step-by-step pics were easy to follow.55

In baby in

Good5 star


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