Nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes Summary

This is a book of Nursery Rhymes for toddlers. The book engages the little ones with photo's, video, interactive word recognition. Parents can sit with the kids to let them recognize objects around a rhyme subject.

Book Reviews


good book!5 star

good book!55


Love it5 star

Great for toddlers!55


Great book!!5 star

My 21 month old LOVES this book! She reads it and watches the videos everyday!! I was saddened though when we bought her an iPod touch for Christmas and found out that she couldn't read this book on it!! I would LOVE it if you could configure it for an iPod touch and so would my child!!!55

Book padna hain :)

Book4 star

Good one, my 19 month old daughter loves to read this book...... All the cute rhymes at one place, what else can i ask for, she is able to navigate and get to her favorites all by herself.45

Monali Mishra

A good book for toddlers...5 star

My daughter loves this book...she learned a lot of thing frm this book...Thanx Deepa..:)55


Nice book !!!5 star

Great book with good visuals and sounds for kids.55

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