Detective Comics (1937-2011) #27

Detective Comics (1937-2011) #27 Summary

The very first appearance of the Bat-Man in the six-page story ""The Case of the Criminal Syndicate!"" This issue also features the first appearances of Commissioner Gordon and the revelation of Bat-Man's secret identity as Bruce Wayne. NOTE: Not all backup stories advertised on the cover will be included.

Book Reviews

Eternatus Pro

I like the title.3 star

Its pretty good but I feel it should include another detective batman story.I give it three stars of five.35


Batman is AWSOME5 star

AWSOME but way to short55


Great5 star

It brings back memories55


Nope1 star

Don’t like it15

Sock sock sock sock sock ;)

Sock1 star


Jer My Boy


I am so happy that I can get this I love classic comics!55


hi5 star

this book is great55


Detective Comics4 star

A good comic, but the drawn graphics could have been better, and the words are too small45

Detective comics 27 review

The good the bad and the BATMAN5 star

I like how they keep it short and sweet ,and is sytrker the joker?i enyoyed this comic very much.55

Hurricane Jr./Sr.

Batman: intro comic5 star

These comics are good and i think that these storylines are pretty good.55

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