101 Best Jokes Ever

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One hundred of hilarious and funny jokes !
Have fun and laugh!

Book Reviews

All dogs go 2 heaven

Trash5 star

This is trash inappropriate book titles and definitely a waste if time55


Do not get this1 star

*gags this is awful u do not want to see this I’m disgusted15

Dont dowload this book

Horrible I should have read the comments before downloading1 star



BAD1 star

It is a horrible please do not get it. It will be a waste of time. If I could I wouldn’t give it a Star15


Garbage1 star

These jokes are garbage!!!!15


Garbageee1 star



Boooo1 star

This book was horrible and the beginning was insalny innapropriate my kid read this and he said that he's never reading a joke book again bad word all of you15


Ouch, my eyes1 star

This book has such BAD content I can't even explain. PLEASE save 10 minutes of your life and don't get this book. Go find a REAL joke book.15


Good but could be better2 star

Good jokes, but why about blondes?!25


A great book1 star

Love the book it is totally funny and makes the socks fall of my feet.😆😆😆 (sarcastically)15

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